Top 5 Chegg Alternatives You Can Check for Online Homework Help 

Online Homework Help

Time is pushing us towards new-age techniques. Digitization is a new trend of this decade. Digitization of education has now become quite common for students and teachers. Like every other sector, education also embraces the movement with open arms. Previously, students spent time in classes and used to take offline tuition. But with the changing era, things have taken a new turn. Now, students are taking virtual courses and opting for online homework help or online tutoring whenever they need assistance. 

One such online platform is Chegg, which provides homework help to students. This site has gained popularity in recent years due to its extensive offerings. But some students are looking for more or want to know the alternatives as they are not satisfied enough. For those students, we are bringing these 5 best alternatives to Chegg.   

Chegg offers the following services to students 

Chegg: The name is not unheard of, especially if you are a student. The company claims that it’s a homework help website developed intending to offer students digital tutoring, homework help, exam preparation, and the facility of opting for study materials at a reasonable rate. The initial purpose was to provide students with the easiest way to guide students in their academics.   

The following Services it offers to Students: 

Chegg offers the following services

Chegg wants to offer accessible educational help to students. The site provides diverse types of services that come under these three core services:

  • Chegg Books 
  • Chegg Study 
  • Maths Solver

Chegg books deal with cheap books that can be used as study materials. 

For Chegg Study:

  • Homework help
  • Exam prep and practice
  • Paper proofreading

For Textbooks:

  • Rentals 
  • Read & Return 
  • Sell 

Best Chegg Alternatives that Give Online Homework Help 

The EdTech industry is booming. One of the best examples of this situation is the establishment of sites like Chegg that offer educational guidance & academic help. It indicates that students are now only partially dependent on colleges, grad schools, and universities to fulfill their education. 

The pressure and stress students face completing the heavy coursework are so intense that students often rely on online homework help sites. These sites guide students to finish their homework and also fulfill their knowledge gaps with the help of assistance from experts. 

The Following List of 5 Best Chegg Alternatives 



Among another premium online homework help sites for advanced study pursuers, TutorBin is one of the best options for students. It not only outsmarts its competitors due to its 24/7 homework help but also stands out from the crowd with its high-quality service at a reasonable price. Let’s see how TutorBin helps students in their academics to fulfill the purpose of meaningful learning.

At first, we jotted down the services TutorBin has in their kitty. Here, we have explained a bit about the services it offers along with the graphical representation of what types of service offerings they have for students. 

Following Are the TutorBin Main Services For Students: 

The specialty of TutorBin Service

TutorBin Main Services
  • Personalized homework help for more than 500+ subjects. Subject matter experts are available 24/7 to ensure students get round-the-clock support. 
  • Detailed solutions with explanations are available through online assignment help. It also ensures that students get 100% error-free unplagiarized assignments done from scratch. 
  • Learn concepts more effectively with video solutions with the video recording facility that clarifies all your doubts and confusions. Students can access it repeatedly until they understand the concept & problem-solving approach. 
  • With lab and project report help, students will be able to get their STEM homework done. They will be able to get error-free, structured, well-thought, researched, precise, and non-plagiarized tasks within the given deadline. 
  • Nail writing assignments with the help of TutorBin writing services. It makes your essay, speech, and presentation engaging, visually attractive, information-rich, well-thought, and immaculately written.

TutorBin- Following Reasons Why Students Trusted this Online Homework Help Site? 

Best ForPersonalized on-demand homework help for 500+ subjects from different coursework eases academic activities, whereas precise tutoring from experts helps learners to fill their knowledge gap through conceptual understanding and doubt clearance. The lifetime library access support students in their academics to ace their coursework
Added Advantage of TutorBin 1. Lifetime Library Access without Charges 
2. Explainer Video Solutions
3. Online Tutoring at a reasonable rate  
Pros/Advantages1. $20 reward upon registration
2. Redeemable reward points 
3. Free revisions until you satisfy 
4. Money-back guarantee if not satisfied 
5. Help you start early earnings through reference  
6. Free plagiarism report 
7. Access to solved solutions
8. Citation & references 
9. Multiple revisions 
10. 24/7 Help from experts 
Cons Services are not free because the site has highly competent tutors & they charge a fair amount for the tutoring and academic help they offer.

TutorBin Testimonial

TutorBin Testimonial



Bartleby is another platform that’s giving Chegg tough competition due to its dedicated platform for online homework help. Although it’s a relatively new organization in the EdTech industry, it’s steadily reflecting its growth using its strong tutor base, wide range of services, and quick response.

Bartleby services are intended to boost student achievements and pave the ways to encourage students to perform well. However, students must pay for the services through subscriptions or a monthly billing system.

Bartleby hero section

Following Are the Bartleby Main Services For Students:

1. Textbook Solutions

2. Essay

College Essay
College Admission Essay
College Application Essay

3. Homework Help

Homework solutions
Concept Explainers

4. Live Tutoring

The specialty of Bartleby Service

Bartleby Learn- With its quick homework help, students will be able to submit their tasks fast with 100% accuracy. They will get millions of textbook solutions from the site. Moreover, 24/7 expert help on demand enables students to seek academic support, even if they contact them at odd hours.

Bartleby Write- Bartleby assures that students score well whenever they opt for this writing service. With this all-in-one AI-enabled virtual writing service, students become capable of generating powerful and unique writing tasks before the deadline.

Bartleby+ – This is one of the smartest tools developed by this organization that combines study tools with writing. It helps students to develop their skills continuously. Through this unique service, Bartleby is trying to enable students to do their learning and submit all their tasks efficiently.

Bartleby- Why It’s also in the Top 5 Chegg Alternative List?  

Best ForThe slogan of Bartleby justifies its aim- An easier way to study hard. This organization claims itself as a hub for student success that follows the mission of serving all students who want to elevate their lives with the help of education. The services & the products are developed in such a way that it paves the way for academic success considering the demand of today’s students.  
Added Advantage of Bartleby 1. Excellent Study Resources for students 
2. Diverse tools to help academic activities 
3. Library for Popular Q/A Solutions 
Pros/Advantages Excellent Study Resources for students Diverse tools to help academic activities Library for Popular Q/A Solutions 
Cons Services are good, but one of the disadvantages is the longer time Bartleby experts take to offer solutions

Course Hero 

Course Hero

Course Hero is another subscription-based online homework help platform based in the Redwood City of California. Like Chegg, this site also started to provide students with online academic guidance through textbook solutions, tutoring, and homework help. With 20 million course-oriented study materials, Course Hero has become one of the reliable resources where students can come for educational assistance.

Due to its aim of helping students academically, the site contributed a huge number of study guides in its library. It ensures that students comprehend their coursework & master their subjects without feeling stressed. In addition to its study guides, the site also has a strong network of subject matter experts. They offer step-wise solutions and explanations to make it certain that students get concept clarity and finish their homework on time.    

Course Hero Main Services

Following Are the Course Hero Main Services For Students: 

  • Homework Help
  • Class Notes
  • Essays
  • Textbook Resources
  • Lab Reports
  • Test Preparation
  • Exam Sheets

The specialty of Course Hero Services

Course-specific study docs for students-
It ensures that the students, irrespective of their academic level, coursework, and ability to understand, get the required documents to prepare themselves for success. 

24/7 Homework Help by Experts- This service brings students the scope of availing homework help from verified subject matter experts. They can ask for help, according to their convenience, at any time, and Course Hero will provide them with 100% accurate solutions in the quickest possible time.    

Textbook Solutions-
Students need textbook solutions all the time, but the problem arises when they don’t understand these answers due to a lack of explanations. Course Hero textbook solutions are explanatory and provide step-wise answers to ensure you get the concept clarity before you understand the problem-solving approach.

Course Hero- Why It’s also in the Top 5 Chegg Alternative List?  

Best ForThe Headline of its site- “Make every hour count,” clarifies the Course Hero is aiming to make a world for students where they will learn effectively. This online learning platform helps students to get their education without getting stressed. From learning materials to expert help, they assist students in diverse European countries. They make it certain that anyone who is taking the help of this platform gets deep knowledge and avail the related help at affordable prices to flourish their career.  
Added Advantage of Course Hero  Course-wise study documents for all classes Free access to the library for different resources 2600+ tutor helps students to access learning aid  
Pros/Advantages Expert tutor availability for customized help Step-by-step explanations from subject specialists Fast answers Reliable and fully confidential Standardized tests for better preparation $9.95 for instant access to homework help  Campus Rep Program   
Cons Services are definitely good, but students often get confused due to its complicated layout whenever they browse the site. One more aspect that seems a bit negative is that, without a subscription, you can access not as many questions as you think The name suggests the belief system of this site. According to this top Chegg alternative site, every student requires personal help to ace their subjects and succeed academically. Considering their needs, dedicatedly works to guide students for betterment. It promotes opportunity, equity, and opportunity for learners. 

With effective academic and professional support, this site encourages students to learn efficiently for all academic stages and ages of students. With their constant support, the site ensures that students become able to perform well in academics. They get help at any time, regardless of their subjects, courses, and academic levels. Their persistence not only motivates them to boost the quality of services but also inspires them to bring forth diverse service options for learners worldwide. Main Services

Following Are the Main Services For Students

1. Higher Education
2. K-12
3. Libraries
4. US Military
5. Individual Subscription
6. High School Academic Tutoring
7. College Academic Tutoring
8. Homework Help Services Speciality- Why Should Students also Consider this Site?

Exceptional Online Tutoring Facility-
On-demand one-on-one tutoring facility is available for students to give them a chance to study with the experts. It ensures that students can get the scope to understand their subjects effectively and have clarity if they have any doubts or confusion. 

Effective Methodology of Teaching-
It is one of the major specialties of, where the experts adopt uplifting and multimodal instruction methods. It ensures that teachers show empathy to students and provide assistance to students. It also encompasses the matter of privacy.

Individualized Support For Learners-
Individualistic support makes effective teaching methodology more advantageous for students. Excellent support from tutors on individuals enables students to learn at their own pace and understand which learning method suits them better. As per their learning style, the students will be able to gain knowledge and retain the information more efficiently.  

24/7 Expert Tutor Availability For Homework Help- Round-the-clock tutor availability for homework help is not a service but a scope to grow. With the assistance of experts, students not only complete their homework but also perform well in their classes and maintain good grades. It motivates them to become academically inclined but also equally concentrate on their performances and career advancements.

Library Access to Students for Betterment- has a library that enormously helps students to do better. Through the library, students will be able to find the questions that give them a fair idea of how they should attempt answers.


TutorMe is a specifically dedicated online learning platform that supports students by offering excellent on-demand tutoring. This site aims to improve students’ learning experience with high-impact one-on-one guidance. It enables students to access individualized tutoring that covers learning loss and supports students in gathering knowledge without restrictions.  

TutorMe commenced its EdTech journey with the promise that every student should feel special and no one should feel alone during their learning journey. This site manages to grow multifold with its high-quality service offerings that empower students and enrich their learning experience in every possible way. From 2016 to now, their dedication towards their work shows why they are one of the best online homework help providers and secured its place in the top 5 Chegg alternative list.   

TutorMe Main Services

Following Are the TutorMe Main Services For Students

1. Online tutoring for Popular Subjects
Computer Science
Foreign Language
Social Science

2. For Institutions
Higher Ed
Public Libraries

3. Test Prep

TutorMe Services Speciality- Why Should Students also Consider this Site? 

The platform that boosts the learning experience- Lesson Space of this site evokes the best in-person learning facilities available for students. From face-to-face Live video collaboration to audio chat, everything is taken care of by experts to boost student performance. It not only empowers students to feel confident but also makes them more productive in learning.

Subject matter experts for study help and reviews-
The subject matter experts provide study help for numerous subjects. In addition to this, they have writing experts to offer excellent writing submissions. These tutors not only deliver prompt feedback but also make you understand in detail where you need to improve.

Online test preparation to check your test prep-
Test prep for students isn’t just about access to checking your preparations. It is about giving you an idea of how you can do better and where you emphasize getting positive outcomes.

Round-the-clock availability of subject specialists-
The site comes up with an extensive yet highly impactful onboarding process for experts. The thriving tutor community of the site is filled with certified professionals, teachers, advanced study pursuers, and subject matter experts. The 24/7 availability of experts ensures that students get support at any time from anywhere.

Excellent customer executive support-
Last but not least, TutorMe has an amazing customer support facility that ensures that students experience glitch-free service whenever they opt for this site. Moreover, they provide end-to-end assistance if a student feels stuck during the process.

Choose the Best-Suited Option Among These 5 Online Homework Help Alternatives to Chegg

Now, you know what the best 5 Chegg Alternatives you have in your hand are. It’s time to make your options wisely. We have given service, best features, pros and cons for you to judge what would be the best-suited choice for you. We are hoping that you will make an informed decision while taking online homework help.

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