Why No One Talks About Essay Writing? – Online Homework Help Issue 

Essay writing

Essay writing- the term not only causes frustration in students but also gives teachers the same amount of headache. These might be the common factors that put them both in challenging situations. When the helpacads team of experts discussed with teachers why no one talks about essay writing, we got a perspective from them, and our specialists also did a thorough research about it. Here, we are just giving you some glimpses about the topic, and you will get an idea of why essay writing has become so outdated and why experts insist on chucking it from the coursework.  

7 Top Reasons Why Essay Writing Was Given Importance   

Before we mull over why no one talks about essay writing anymore, let’s catch up on why experts in the educational environment point out that essay writing has immense importance in the lives of students. Let’s discuss the pointers in brief to get an idea of why your university tutors assign essay-writing homework to you. 

  • Firstly, writing essays assist you in gaining good research skills
  • Secondly, it shows your intellectual level whenever you write essays 
  • Thirdly, it enhances your knowledge base on different topics or niches 
  • Next, according to experts, essay writing also improves critical thinking ability 
  • Essay writing also positively impacts your ability to deliver & pen down your ideas 
  • University professors also believe that essay writing boosts persuasive skill
  • Finally, educational experts also indicated that essay writing is assigned to improve students’ communication skills.     

The Changing World of The 21st Century- Why No One is Talking About Essay Writing 

What strikes me most is how the world has gone through changes and is still transforming rapidly with time. The disruption in the world and different industries is undeniable. With the changing world, education techniques are also reshaping to provide students with better scopes. Our expert team members dug deeper and detected some of the core reasons that indicate why people stopped talking about essay writing.

Before moving further & exploring the reasons, I must point out that with changing times, a chunk of students who are stepping towards digitalization are opting for online homework help. Some teachers think that academic help of this kind could be detrimental to students’ growth, but they refuse to accept that with the changing times, the need for teaching is also going through rapid changes. Nowadays, the modernization of education has become a prime need for every student. The age-old methods of teaching have become less relevant considering the requirements of the current times. According to experts, this could be a key reason people are not talking about essay writing nowadays.    

Real Problem with Essay Writing: 4 Reasons why Essay Writing Considered Useless  

1. Age-old essay writing style restricts modernization 

Modernization is in full swing in every sector, and the department of Education is no different. We are living in a changed era where modernization helps to engineer a better society. Students are not excluded from this concept, but the problem arises when universities and grad schools refuse to be a part of it. Teachers often push students to write academic essays, but with no significant impact on our career and outside the classroom, this task has become stagnant instead of student-friendly. Essay writing has just become an assignment rather than a process of learning. That makes it extremely risky for students and our future generations ahead.  

2. Writing essays takes more time than anticipated 

Writing an essay is just like a journey through which you explore your beliefs and openly communicate your ideas. But slowly, the process is drying up due to the rush of assignment submission. Students are now taking more time just to search the internet and copy-paste the facts and thoughts in the essay rather than pen down their own thoughts. It not only drains their energy but also wastes their time learning something meaningful.    

3. Essay Writing is not helpful enough for bagging jobs in the 21st century 

In the current era, we are taking education as the means to prepare our future generations to be smart, creative, innovative, empathetic, and independent. All the learning courses incorporated in the syllabus are specially designed to improve their skills. Previously essays do help students to get jobs, but due to the changing circumstances, new skills have become inevitable. Thus, essays are losing their importance. The lack of becoming helpful to bag a job is also why students feel less interested in writing essays. 

4. Procrastination makes things worse- reduces students’ productivity 

Hating essays comes from the fear of writing. The struggle students face during penning down the research materials and incorporating their thoughts in real-time is very much true. This is one of the biggest reasons, in my opinion, which gives birth to the habit of procrastination. Students often delay essay writing tasks as much as it allows them. The last-minute rush, cramming the papers with contradictory research materials, and pumping out their own thoughts about the topic becomes challenging for them. It not only affects their productivity in a very negative way but also reduces their grade. The majority of students become unaware that this dual-sided harm comes from their procrastination.   

Online Homework Help for Essay Writing- What Experts Are Suggesting? 

Now, after discussing the real essay problems, the question that surely arises here is what our experts are suggesting for students. We have also got several queries like what should be done if students want to save their time, effort & money. 

Here, our experts have striking suggestions for students. As per our experienced team members, students can now opt for online homework help for their essay writing. A fair percentage of students have already explored the option and experienced how it assists them in saving their time for other important academic activities. It’s always better to make such decisions with urgency rather than stick with the age-old outdated teaching technique.

Many online homework help providers are now introduced in the EdTech industry and thriving due to the huge demand of students. Below, we have created an image with the names of seven excellent online homework help providers, especially essay writing service providers who can help you submit the best-quality essays.     

Top 7 Essay Writing Help Websites For Students  

Teachers Hate to Grade Essays Make The Situation Worse 

Our team has several professors from different fields of study. They hold diverse opinions and teaching styles. We think that’s one of the best things about being an educator. Despite their diverse opinions, they have similar opinions about grading essay writing, and that’s something we need to be concerned about. Nothing is great about grading an essay, especially if it’s a long-format essay assigned to students. 

  • Grading takes time, as teachers need to go through corrections, feedback, and suggestions. With the increasing number of students, the grading process becomes extremely time-consuming. 
  • Students take essays as if these are their science grades. The thing that only matters to them is the grades they have gotten for their essay, nothing else. It often affects teachers negatively. 
  •  Seeing the same mistakes made by students and correcting them repeatedly often put your professors in a difficult position and also add frustration whenever they sit for the grading. 
  • Most of the time, whenever teachers start grading essays, they have to point out too many errors and provide feedback to a large number of students continuously for several days. It makes the entire process exhaustive for teachers. 
  • The thinking process and the teaching style of the two teachers can be different. Therefore, the marks of the same essays could also differ, though it increases the chance of creating problems as students might take one teacher as biased. 

Outdated Teaching Practice is Detrimental to the education system and students 

Right now, we should concentrate more on skill development that prepares students to survive and flourish in the current time. Essay writing has no significant bearing on such. Therefore, it is slowly becoming outdated. Even realizing the intensity of the situation, some online homework help sites come forward with updated learning help.  

Lack of understanding & knowledge transfer- The scarcity of subject understanding and the lack of knowledge sharing often create a loophole in acquiring new information and retaining the knowledge you have already gained.   

No marking the quantity and frequency of assigning tasks- The rush of completing the coursework often forces teachers to allocate lots of assignments together. The teachers should be responsible for ensuring that students don’t get overboard with their assignments. According to educational experts, there should be marking on the quantity of the assignment and the frequency of assigning them.   

Absence of changing of learning pattern to test its efficiency- Learning in the same pattern could make the knowledge gathering boring; often, it also indicated that students learn more when they change their learning pattern. The possibility of restricted learning increases with the stagnant practice.  

Lacks personalized learning and academic guidance- The scarcity of guiding students and generalizing learning patterns destroys not only the academic inclination of students towards their studies but also corrupts the overall educational system we rely on.    

No real-world implications of our knowledge- Emphasizing practical knowledge in current times is the ultimate need of the hour. Ignoring the pressing concern of teaching real-world implications is now creating a void in the educational space and taking the system backward rather than pushing it forward.   

Non-availability of necessary skill development for your future career- One of the basic requirements of today is to develop new skills in students to ensure that they flourish in their future. An outdated teaching style doesn’t help with skill development and somehow creates hindrances in achieving success in students’ careers.  

Alternative Measures through Which Students Can Get Benefitted 

We have discussed how the outdated teaching style and boring essay writing are slowly destroying the education system. Our experts suggest updating the learning pattern and allocating students such assignments that enhance their intellect, academic inclination, and practical skills. Our expert team recommends that teachers and students practice some alternative options to get maximum benefits. Following are the methods through which students will be able to improve themselves and become prepare for their future.   

5 Best Ways to Develop Writing Skills

Why There is A Huge Demand in Online Homework Help for Essay Writing? 

Although universities still emphasize essay writing, some smart students are leaning towards online homework help providers to get their writing done. The demand is rapidly increasing due to the multiple benefits it offers. Not only it helps to achieve good grades but also assists in providing other academic help. From study assistance and precise on-demand online tutoring to personalized guidance for learning and academic activities, students get every possible guidance they require.  

Final Verdict- Why Change Has Become Inevitable For Students & Educators

The change in teaching what the experts are saying is inevitable in recent times. It has strong practical implications. As per the specialists, education should be updated, open to communication, develop skills, and encourage students to explore ideas to become logical yet innovative. Without all these, students won’t be able to open up their minds and don’t get out of their comfort zone. It not only closes their mind but also causes an upheaval in their future. This stagnance not only impacts students but also negatively affects the education system. Students will not feel inclined toward their education. Thus, a sharp decline in education can be done if things worsen.   

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